Although each of us have different preference in music, when it comes to working out, we want those rhythms to merge with our beats and help create the perfect workout atmosphere. Whatever motivates you, for a pace fast or slow, these picks will definitely make you move.

Time and again, it becomes important to have hard encouraging words, motivational lines,and the correct tempo in the songs we listen to when we are exercising. The right music can create an aura that helps us push ourselves further with a tad-bit of effort and self-encouragement. One can imagine themselves dancing or have a fantasy scenario to a song. A lot of us link our goals and actions better when we can imagine right. A song that makes you feel it was made for you is a connection one looks for when working out. Such songs heard even when one is idle, can help us feel positive, energetic and hearing it may make one get up from their seat and dance or run to it!

Whether you are working out at home, the gym or outdoors, for weight-lifting, aerobics, zumba, roller skating, cycling or even for high intensity and cross-fit workout sessions, these cell enlightening songs are great picks for all activities.

1.       Boss Bitch – Doja Cat

Get ready to jump off your chair and be as high on energy as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. This could be your song forever because it does give you the boss feeling. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your running shoes, hit the tracks and shine like a gloss.


  Da Da Ding – Nike official, Gener8ion ft. Gizzle

 A song that will even make you last on the floor in the plank position throughout the song, Da Da Ding is the Nike official song and also stars the Bollywood celebrity, Deepika Padukone rocking the video. When you hear, ‘My only competition is myself’, you will feel the passion.

Grab your workout gear and go go go!

  Fire in Me – John Newman

 If you are not a boxer, but you would love to become one after hearing this and watching the video of this song. Enthusiastic beats, plus the rage and passion in John Newman’s voice, this one is a winner and one of the best songs for high intensity workouts, cross-fit, rope climbing, boxing, or even walking!

 Nakka Mukka - Vijay Antony from the Tamil film Kaadhalil Vizhunthen

If you are looking for a FULL POWER song to dance on or for a high intensity workout, this Indian song will change your life! Quite popular in the South of India, this Tamil song is extraordinarily awesome. It’s okay if you don’t understand the meaning and the language, but these wild beats will make you hop, jump and dance all at the same time. Hear it on full volume during Zumba, HIIT workout, running, cardio, etc.

Selflove first and above all, this is exactly what this song is about. We can transform ourselves not only through hard work and pushing our limits but also need to give equal love and attention by appreciating our own progress and being proud of how far we come. Go on, motivate yourself and dance on your own parade!

 Take Me There – Nucleya ft. Kavya Trehan

Like a sports car after a boost and acceleration, enjoy the mix tempo with the combination of fast beats and a beautiful voice, of this awesome song by India’s most popular DJ, Nucleya. Explore more of his songs, they are perfect for every mood and activity!

   Karaoke – Boomdabash & Alessandra Amoroso

Enjoy zumba, pilates, leg and arms day and core workout routines with this wonderful Italian song, ‘Karaoke’. The song is about having a fun, and dancing in the night at the beach. While we can’t hit the beach just yet, this song will definitely make you move. Legend has it, you may even end up loving Leg Day after listening to this!


8.       You Don’t Wanna Play With US – TheUnder, Robyn The Bank

Lifting weights and getting your focus game on? Feel like no other, cut off from haters and remember that you have come a long way, so be proud of yourself! Listen to this song and let no one play with you!

The floor is yours!

Record Breaker – Avicii

Workout till you drop, this song is a must have on your workout song playlist! Who knows, you may actually turn out to be a record breaker?

1   Pistah – The Run Anthem – Shahbareesh Varma, movie: Neram

Get ready for another Power Pack dance song! South India is popular for its greenery, coffee and peppy songs! Get the street to you, this massively dynamic bilingual Indian song from the movie, Neram will get everyone to join you in ANY workout activity! Go on, make everyone dance!


 Rise Up – Yves Larock

‘My dream is to fly’, old but gold, this song will still get you to do what you have to do! Sprint, dance, skip or try the jumping jacks, put on this song and fly over the rainbow. Find your thrill!

Sun comes up – Major Lazer, ft. Busy Signal & Joeboy

Popular Jamaican-American electronic dance music trio, Major Lazer, recently launched this amazingly lively song, titled, ‘Sun Comes Up’. A tune that will keep you excited all along your workout, this vibrant song features the likes of Joeboy and Busy Signal with production credit to Kevin Chukwuneye Akpewe, Beatsbyko, and Diplo.

1  Gol Gol ft. Maharya, MC Tod Fod, 100 RBH & MC Mawali – Bandish Projekt 

With the many mix musical genre playlists available today, when it comes to achieving our health goals, just like we need to combine a good diet and workout for our body, in the same manner, our music playlist also must have mixes of genres and pace. Spice up your playlist with this vibrant mulingual Indian hip-hop song by Bandish Project. The song includes Indian languages like, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali.

1  Titanium ft. Sia – David Guetta

Another classic, Titanium is not only one of the biggest hit songs, but also boosts one to work harder and push harder. Forget about all limitations and think of yourself as bulletproof and you won’t fall down, only rise!