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Hey everyone 👋. Hope you all are as good as y'all can be given the current events and topic of this group. Quick back story, been suffering with reoccurring back pain for a year and a half now thanks to a herniated L5-S1 disk to the left that required surgery to fix in Sept. of last year (fixed and no longer causing any big issues or much pain now thankfully) and now a herniated L4-L5 disk to the right that's causing severe right hip and lower back pain and some leg pain. My question for those with a herniated L4-L5 disk is, does any of your pain involve mostly your hip? My right hip feels like it's bone grinding against bone, I can't hardly put on my socks and shoes on the right, the muscles around it spasm every time I stand up from sitting or laying down, walking helps some but after awhile it starts to ache and get really sore. My lower back and the outside of my calf and ankle hurt too but my hip is by far the worst. No weakness, numbness or foot drop though. The symptoms I had with the previous injury involved similar problems as now but also included severe sciatica, noticeable weakness and numbness down to my toes in my left leg but nothing this bad in my hip, it was all leg and some lower back pain.

Has anyone else experienced this with a herniated L4-L5 disk or could it be a whole different problem? 

Sorry for the long post btw, this pain is completely new and I tend to have a high pain tolerance but this has been intense. : This may be because last time you had L5S1 disc prolapse which involves L5 nerve root and this time you have L4L5 disc prolapse which involves L4 nerve root. Hence the difference in the location of the pain.

Check out this diagram showing the distribution supplied by each nerve root. 

Discussion on the distribution of pain in L5S1 disc prolapse vs L4L5 disc prolapse

Is severe hip pain typically one of the symptoms of a herniated L4-L5 disk involving the L4 nerve? : Hip pain can happen both due to Osteoarthritis and Disc prolapse. You would need a clinical examination to differentiate between the two. 

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