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Hi, thanks for letting me join. Last Christmas I slipped a disc. L4 L5, couldn't get off the floor for ages. Doc prescribed Naproxen and Diazepam, along with Physiotherapy. Since it happened, every couple of months I've been getting that feeling like my back is going to "go" again. It went again in June this year. Doc said if it happens again they will "investigate deeper". 

I've now gone and done it again, in agony, another course of naproxen and diazepam with a physiotherapy session booked in sometime soon. What's worse though is I also get pain in my neck going into my left shoulder, the lower back pain is radiating into my right hip/pelvis area. And on occasion I get random bouts of pins and needles in my left arm, the same side as the neck/shoulder pain.

I'm far from an inactive person, I work on my feet all day, lifting, I'm a CNC machinist so fairly mobile during the day, I use an exercise bike at home to help with my back. I've asked my GP for a scan, like an MRI or something on my spine but he doesn't want to know. Just says tablets and physio. Is there anything else I can do do you think? Except for going for a private scan. I feel deep down i have some problem in my spine except for the slipped disc. Or are these symptoms common with a slipped disc? : These symptoms you have described are typical of radicular (nerve root) compression symptoms. After we have ruled out any neurological symptoms like weakness or urinary symptoms, we usually prescribe the patient a month of physiotherapy and medicines like Pregabalin and Etoricoxib for a month. If the pain is still severe and persisting then we evaluate further with MRI and prescribe surgical management in case of significant spinal cord and nerve root compression.

Following are the typical characteristics of back pain due to slipped disc

  1. Sudden and severe shooting type of pain
  2. If it occurs in the neck area, then the pain will radiate to the arms and if it happens in the lower back it will radiate to the buttock, thighs, or legs.
  3. There may be numbness which a sign of nerve damage
  4. In case of severe compression, there can be a weakness of ankles (foot drop) in lower back slipped disc and weakness of grip and arms in slipped discs of the neck.
  5. The function of the bladder or bowel can also get affected for which immediate treatment is needed. That is called "cauda equina syndrome" (CES), and it is a medical emergency
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