Keep your diabetes in check to have a healthy heart

The prevalence of diabetes continues to grow throughout the world. Worryingly, India is now witnessing an alarming rise in the number of diabetes cases, bringing along a spectrum of other serious health implications. The most prevalent ones are heart problems, occurring at a relatively younger age within the country. India reports over 72 million cases of diabetes, according to International Diabetes Foundation1. And the youth-onset to type 2 diabetes is impacting their future health , putting them at an increased risk of heart failure.  This indicates the need for raising awareness to reduce the heart health risk, especially among Indian youths. To prevent Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), knowing your heart health risk and taking good care of diabetes is extremely important.

Indians are much more conscious about their health than before. Still, heart failure is striking people at a young age, making youth in their 30s and 40s the new heart health risk category. Despite the obsession to achieve fitness goals, attending classes regularly in some of the country’s finest gyms and staying current with the latest health and fitness information, youths are encountering heart health issues. Even those who appear healthy, exercise regularly and are particular about their diet still develop heart problems. The biggest reason is that very few are aware about the alarming statistics of diabetes, heart health risks associated with it and how their diet and lifestyle, play a crucial role in the same. Youths, for instance, have misconception that diet and physical activity dictate their cholesterol levels and they don’t need cholesterol check until middle age. If Indian youths are unaware about the heart health risk factors, then it’s very unlikely they will take steps to address them. This shows that there’s a need to raise awareness for cardiovascular risk factors in Indian people.

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