Best Yoga Mats in India

What are the best yoga mats to buy?

Yoga is done in varied environments both indoor and outdoor. However, most yoga teacher’s advice using Yoga Mat while practicing yoga considering it is an essential accessory. It’s like finding a right gear for any sport or fitness activity, yoga mats need to match a few criteria’s as well. 

When buying a yoga mat one must consider few benchmarks like thickness, material, texture are few factors you need to consider. If you're a beginner, you should grab a softer mat over a firmer option. Soft mats, commonly made from PVC, give you a bit more cushion as compared to firm mats that are made from rubber which help yoga students at more advanced level with tougher poses. 

Balancing on your head needs some cushioning and if you're just beginning, you need something to soft on your inexperienced hands. The right mat can also prevent you from slipping, provides cushion to sensitive joints, and avoids sweat absorption to avoid post workout sweat odor.

To help you take a decision to buy the right yoga mat, here are some of the best yoga mats to invest in recommended by experts.

When you are doing yoga, your first relationship of being one is with the earth. It’s important to be in touch with the earth, while doing Hatha Yoga, you can try to be one with the earth by using a mat with natural elements of the earth. A cotton yoga mat is specially design or fabricated mats used as an aid during the practice of yoga asanas. It helps in preventing the hands and feet slipping while performing the asana. It is also commonly known as non-slip mats, non-skid mats or sticky mats. While performing on cotton yoga mat our minds experience some relief from the stress and unpredictable nature of life. The mat is made of recyclable material which not only ensures your health but cares for the earth too. Also, the mat is handmade, Anti- skid, Eco-friendly, Anti-Bacterial made from cotton fibres and woven by expert weavers in India.
Price – INR 1449/-
Arka Natural Handmade Cotton Yoga Mat

You might have forgotten, but the body always knows that it is just a piece of the planet. When you practice yoga, you want that to become a conscious and living process for you, so that you experience yourself as one with the earth on which you are living. I would say eighty percent of your health depends on how much you are in tune with the earth. Eighty percent of your chronic ailments can just vanish simply because you found a little rapport with the earth. This mat is made from natural jute fabric and rubber. It is best suited for hot yoga, hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, Iyengar.  Plant based jute fiber has cooling and antimicrobial properties which makes this highly sustainable material very easy to maintain. Non-toxic and natural rubber base provides enough cushioning for a comfortable practice.
Price – INR 5249/-
Ida Yog Bhoomi Jute Midnight Wood EcoYoga Mat

This mat can be used for yoga, Pilates, and other floor exercises. It is made of thick, lightweight, durable foam which gives comfortable, cushioning support. The yoga and exercise mat features a textured surface for enhanced traction. This type of reliable traction is important for stability and to safely maintain poses just as useful for beginners new to floor-exercise routines as it is for experienced yogis, Comes along with a carrying strap which makes it easy to carry outdoors.
Price – INR 999/-

Nettie Organic Rubber Base Handloom Cotton Anti-Skid Yoga Mat

This mat is made of handloom Cotton which is a breathable material. NETTIE supreme cotton yoga mat is safe to use for all. The cotton material makes it suitable for all skin types. Cotton being the perfect sweat absorbent you do not have to worry about slipping, making it ideal for any type of yoga practice. The yoga mat is made of pure cotton which can be hand washed so you would never have to worry of sweaty and unclean yoga mats. Being colorfast, it won't wash away color after any number of washes, thus increasing the lifespan of the product. Also, it is 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE.
Price – INR 890/-
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