MRI/ CT Scan for evaluation of your back pain

Straight away going for MRI or CT Scan is not recommended unless there are some bad Signs /Symptoms or red flags. What are these red flags to recommend an MRI for evaluation of a back pain?

1. Back pain after substantial injury to back in any age group

2. Back pain even after milder injury to back in those over 50 years old

3. Weight loss or fever with no known cause

4. Immunosuppressed status

5. A Previous cancer diagnosis

6. Known intravenous drug abuse

7. Patients on sustained corticosteroids use for long time

8. Patients with osteoporosis

9. Being over 70 years old

10. Focal neurologic deficit like weakness (not able to wear slipper, difficulty in getting up from sitting posture), numbness, paraesthesia (pin prick or current like sensations)

11. Progressive or disabling symptoms (Pain which is increasing day by day intervening with day to day activities, Intolerable pain)

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