5 Best Face Wipes in India

No matter if you're crunched for time because work from home can be really taxing or just lazy during the lockdown or a doting mother or busy due to house chores and have no time to wash your face again and again. Using a cleansing cloth may be one of the easiest ways to wash away stubborn makeup smudges, sticky sweat, dirt buildup, and clean any surface instantly due to laziness. Here, I've rounded up the facial cleansing wipes I love to hoard and you will too.

Kara Face Wipe - Cleansing & Hydrating, Refreshing, Mint Oil & Aloe Vera

No matter where I'm going, I always have an extra pack in my car or if I am at home then I ensure they are kept on my side table. I especially like to swipe away sweat, remove my basic makeup or clean any surface especially during this pandemic when I like to clean any surface I touch like door handles, lifts, etc. These wipes are value for money.

Price: 30 wipes for INR 99/-
Rating: 4.5

5 Best Face Wipes in India

Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Wipes,Boosts Skin Oxygen,Clears dirt and removes makeup,Gives fresh and glowing skin,Developed by Dermatologists

I am obsessed with these wipes for keeping my pimple prone skin clean and helps in removing my full-fledged makeup face, These wipes are of very good quality and hence the price. Can’t really endorse the claim that it gives youthful, glowing skin in 7 days, as I believe eating healthy wholesome food is super important for your skin to look radiant and plus 7 days is a small duration for any product to work. Although it actually deep cleans your face without any irritation, I would really recommend for people who are makeup buffs like me.

Price: 30 Wipes for INR 159/-
Rating: 4.5

5 Best Face Wipes in India

Mamaearth India's First Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes 

If, like most people, you despise when your skin feels tight and dry, these wipes will be right up your alley. We fancy these wipes because of the moisturizing it gives due to shea butter and the fact that they're gentle enough to use on the sensitive eye area. These wipes are also good for babies whether you're changing a diaper or need to wipe up baby's face after a messy meal. They are approved by pediatricians, hypoallergenic wipe, soft and ideal for sensitive skin. I might sound like a brand ambassador for this one but is genuinely good and serves its name right.

Price: 72 Wipes for INR 233/-
Rating: 4

KLEENOWIPE Hypoallergenic Exfoliating & Ultra Cleansing Facial Wipes For Men & Women - Alcohol Free pH Balanced Soft Wipes

 Its best for all the people who love self-care and treat their skin well but not at the cost of effort and energy, these wipes exfoliate and cleanse at the same time. Helps to Soothe, moisturize, and restore suppleness to your skin in one wipe. It might be a little heavy on your pocket but it’s worth the money and plus serves two purposes in one product.

Price: 15 wipes for INR 325/-
Rating: 4.5

5 Best Face Wipes in India

TULIPS Refreshing Wipes in Different Fragrances(Japanese Cherry/Magnolia/Summer Fresh, Pack of 6)

These wipes put you immediately at ease and prove perfect for a last-minute wipe or before bedtime. They Cleanse and refresh your skin especially when traveling as they effectively remove dirt, excess oil and grease, leaving behind fresh, non-sticky, and fragrant skin with a soft lingering scent .

Price:6 packets with each having 20 wipes ( for INR 299/-)
Rating: 4.5

5 Best Face Wipes in India

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5 Best Face Wipes in India


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