An animal study was conducted by Babu CS et al at Centre for Toxicology and Developmental Research (CEFT), Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai to identify the therapeutic target for the antihypertensive action of a polyherbal Siddha medicine called Venthamarai chooranam (VMC).  It was concluded that VMC alleviates hypertension via AT1R and eNOS signaling pathway in 2K1C hypertensive rats.

VMC upregulated eNOS expression which in turn improved plasma nitric oxide and decreased SBP in hypertensive rats. It down-regulated AT1R and simultaneously upregulated AT2R expression in comparison to vehicle-treated 2K1C rats. Further, renal TNF╬▒ and IL-6 expressions were down-regulated while TRX1 and TRXR1 were upregulated by VMC. VMC potentially interacts with renin-angiotensin components and endothelial functions, and thereby exerts its antihypertensive action. 

This is the first study to demonstrate the mechanism of anti-hypertensive action of VMC in an animal model of renovascular hypertension.


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