Virtual Dissection Table: Dissection by Taps and Glides of Fingers

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Remember your Anatomy dissection hall, the karma-bhoomi (action-arena) for every medical student in the first year of medical education. Remember that pungent smell of formalin mixed with foul smell of decomposing tissue that goes to the deepest parts of your brains, just to leave you intoxicated for rest of the day. I am sure, that is an unforgettable experience for every medical student. After dissection class of 2 hours, there is not much of human anatomy you can identify or appreciate that too with 20 of your classmates flocking around a single cadaver. We have a new solution which can change the anatomy of the anatomy dissection hall.

I bet many of you will not have heard of the Virtual Dissection Table, a new innovative technology which takes studying anatomy to a whole new level. The Virtual Dissection Table, developed by Anatomage in collaboration with Stanford University's Division of Clinical Anatomy, is a breakthrough in visualizing human anatomy. It is another example of how an ordinary technology can be used for an extraordinary purpose. This virtual dissection table is effectively a computer with powerful graphics using a 3D anatomy software coupled with a life size display. It has potential to revolutionize the study of anatomy and the practice of image guided surgery. Check out these videos.

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Features of Virtual Dissection Table

Touch screen interface: You can rotate, drag, and slice through the subject with a finger tip and change between Hard tissue, Soft Tissue and X-Ray radiology images.

Rendered 3D images: The skeletal structures, muscles, radiographic cross-sections, and textured soft tissue representations are all merged together into one data set that can be manipulated with virtual dissection tools.

Virtual Dissection Table: What can it be used for?

Teaching Anatomy: Complementary aid for cadaver based dissection courses. With its flexible annotation tools, institutions can create innovative programs, quizzes, and methods of study
Source: Anatomage

Clinical Practice: The table also can use real data from MRI and CT scans of patients. It can be used for diagnosis and treatment planning, and for patient education and consultation

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