"Refreshingly, the film unfolds like a hard-hitting satire that turns its tongue-in-cheek gaze over almost all that's incongruous in contemporary Indian society: the rural rot, the yawning rural-urban divide, the vote-bank politics, the out-of-sync bureaucracy, the we-give-a-damn political class, the TRP-lusting media and the total insensitivity towards real people, real problems, real solutions for a real India."
After a series of meaningless bollywood movies finally we have another eye opener from Aamir Khan Productions. Saw the movie today; astonished and amazed are the two words that I can think of right now to describe my feelings. You can take this movie as a visualization of existing core problems of the modern India.....wonder how much research would have gone in its making.

The movie renders 80% of its brilliance through its unspoken dialogues which emerge out loud and enter your brain just to put you in a position to question the values of modern Indian society.  This movie penned by journalist-turned-director Anusha Rizvi has already been nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes film festival.

It is getting a series of house fulls which makes me hope that such kind of movies succeed in changing the existing definition of commercial movies from trademark faces, foreign panoramas and item songs to storyline grounded in reality, capability of an artist and ability to connect with the masses.

So the take home message is that this movie should be nominated for Oscars this fall.

P.S: Natha is not Rajpal Yadav but a guy called Omkar Das Manikpuri

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