How to select between the courses at School of Health Systems Studies, TISS ? (Part I- Hospital Administration)

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Last week i received some scraps from SHSS aspirants asking me about the selection procedure, how to choose between the courses and tips for preparation. Well I thought it will be useful for some of you if I post this information on Health and Karma.

To start with, you have a option of choosing between four courses i.e MHA Hospital Administration, MHA Health Administration, MPH Social Epidemiology and MPH Health Policy, Economics and Finance. Number of seats in each of these courses as of 2010-2012 are:

   1. Hospital Administration: 43
   2. Health Administration: 33
   3. Public Health - Social Epidemiology: 22
   4. Public Health - Health Policy, Economics and Finance: 17

In this post i will be talking about MHA- Hospital Administration. Some of the prominent subjects in MHA-HO are Quantitative and Qualitative research methods, Basic Economics and Health Economics , Organizational Behavior, HRM, Materials Management, Operations Research, Management Accounting,Clinical and Support Services, Health Insurance, Hospital Planning, Legal Framework for Hospitals, Systems Development and Information Resources, Management in Medical Staff  and Clinical Services, Medical Technology Management, Quality Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management and Business Development Strategies with a Project that has to be submitted at the end of the course.

As it is apparent that this course has been designed keeping in mind the complexity of modern hospitals and the diverse knowledge needed for achieving superior clinical results and patient satisfaction while satisfying the stakeholder interests.

In today's hospitals there is no room for variations in outcomes and there is a need for pinpoint precision in all the activities. This warrants strong managerial skills which explains strong roots of this course in contemporary business disciplines.

Project work is one of the important academic requirements for hospital administration students which has to be taken by the students as per their interests and guidance of the faculty . The compulsory project work gives opportunity to the students to explore their interests, apply their knowledge and to gain personal experience by working with real problems. Project work needs involvement in terms of problem identification, data collection, analysis and interpretation and preparation of action plan.

Some examples of kind of projects that were taken up by the students are:
  • Quality Management in Super-Specialty Services
  • Establishing Cost Information System in Hospital incorporating both costing and pricing policies
  • Employee Recruitment, Planning and Compensation in Hospitals
  • NABH, JCI accreditation and quality standards monitoring and information systems
  • Impact of Branding on Hospital Performance
  • ICU Planning for Hospital
  • Development of a recruitment model for a Tertiary Care Hospital
  • Planning a Joint Replacement Program for an existing hospital with orthopedic services
  • Designing & Developing  a medical tourism strategy for a hospital
  • Systems Development for Quality management in a Government Hospital
It is finally the time to transform healthcare as we see it today and the way the healthcare services are delivered. You can act as a catalyst in does this sound? So for all of you who think that hospital is the place to be but core clinicals sound to be too much and for all those who somehow feel that something is not right and things can be done in a better way....yeah this is the course for you.

As you know that Hospitals are not just about operations(not the surgical ones) and there are other aspects also like Hospital Planning, Quality Management, Medical Technology Management; Information Technology and Systems Development which brings into picture opportunities in Hospital Consultancies, IT companies, Insurance companies, TPAs, Healthcare Technology and Marketing firms.

P.S : For any more queries please join TISS MHA/MPH Aspirants Community on orkut.


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