Was given an assignment to analyze the Stanford commencement speech of Steve Jobs, the one which I have posted in the last post. It was a group assignment and my part was to present the first story from his speech, that is "Connecting the Dots".

I like this story very much and also the way in which it has been told by the man. These three words are magical and i thought a simple powerpoint presentation wont be able to do justice to this idea.

Some days back came across this article of HBR and came to know about an awesome and innovative way of making presentations. It is a web based application called Prezi with zooming user interface. It is a perfect example of a big leap. One of the best feature is that it makes it very easy to express the non linearity and complexity of thoughts; especially for all you right brain dominant individuals who think images and can see the bigger picture behind things.Now when i look back at powerpoint presentations, they look like dwarfs. Am embedding my presentation below...enjoy connecting the dots!