As a patient or as a doctor, this thing will always come to your mind when you will find yourself restrained by though-modern-but-seemingly-primitive methods of the medicine, if compared to other streams of science.

After the advent of antibiotics we have somehow been able to conquer the infective diseases but now we have a waging war coming up where our opponents will be the lifestyle diseases. The special attribute of lifestyle diseases working against us is their ability to involve multiple organ systems at a time. Their effects on whole body are in the form of a continuum throughout the body and not just on isolated organs or organ systems.

While our approach in fighting these diseases is very short sighted!!! We don't actually cure them but just postpone them to let them reappear at a latter date. Without primary care our fight against diseases is irrelevant. In spite of great advances in diagnostic investigations our actions on the diagnosed diseases are mild.

We deal with the human body by dividing it into separate organ systems and most of the strategy in our hands is predominantly defensive. We are in acute need of ways to find out more aggressive ways with pin pointed precision and actually uprooting the pathology then just alleviating the symptoms and waiting for the body to heal by itself.

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