Monotonous Curriculum Of MBBS

Having finished my MBBS degree just a few months back i can remember that there were not many options available for the students interested in Medical research except for applying for Short Term Research Studentship.

In the current curriculum of MBBS their is no role for medical research !!!

Their is something called subject wise monthly tests and then the final exam at the end of the professional year.The exam includes theoretical assessment ,multiple choice question ,clinical assessment and internal assessment.The internal assessment is based mainly upon the monthly theoretical tests.

So the question is what do we have to do to pass the exams....very simple.... list down some hundred odd important topics...mark them in your them 2-3 times before exams whether you understand them or not....and vomit it in your examination paper....
And about the clinical examination... my experience says that our old examiners just want to hear out of the book answers !!!
I mean it is so monotonous.....

And another pressure on medical students today is getting through the PG medical entrance examination to get into various specialties and secure a bright future . Some of the meritorious students actually start MCQ oriented preparation right from the first year(majority of multiple choice questions in our competitive exams are plain factual) .In this pursuit they actually fail to develop the true compassion for treating patients and the medicine as a whole.

I mean from the beginning i felt that the current system wanted me to prepare for question answers...prepare for mcq's....remember facts...keep data from twenty books in my head at a given time...and keep on revising facts.

Many people like me in medical colleges are actually not as good at remebering things than they are at analysing and they always long to find something new....but the current system forces us to become flat in our thinking rather than promoting us to develop a comprehensive understanding of medicine and the human race as a whole.In short it blocks us from seeing and filling the gaps in the jigsaw puzzle which if filled will enable the humanity to see the big picture !!!

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