A letter to Mr Advani in response to his speech at the HT leadership summit

To Mr Advani


To rebuild India you need to understand the building block of this country...an Indian citizen..a person who in his pursuit to get a days meal for himself and his family ,does whatever it takes.He does not have the power of education to back him ..he has lost his power of creativity because of hunger and everyday frustrations..he does not know how is remaining world like.The only picture of world what he sees is that of misery ,a world where everyday is a battle.He doesn't understands what Hindutva means.His interpretation of hindutva is totally different from your philosophy of hindutva.Being educated i understand what you mean to say,but he interprets it as - "A Muslim is my enemy" ..."A Christian is my enemy"..."Only The Gods will come and help me and take me out of this misery...i ve lost all hope from politicians..i am ready to fight for my hindu God whenever there is a need..because i believe in my hindu God"..........and sir u see the results the riots..and all the chaos.Muslims think that they are against them so they as a defensive measure on their religion,are in a delusion that a religious war is going on...this is what Hindutva means for a Indian citizen.

My question is what is the need of mixing politics with religion.Politics is all about governance...to bring about a positive change.It is a simple logic that every sane person should understand that their can be one and only one creator of whole human race and the cosmos.The Hindutva your party talks about day and night is a product of the vedic age, around 1700 to 500BC and please don't deny this fact by saying that it is just a theory....it is well supported by scientific evidences. And if you deny this fact..you will have to deny all other scientific theories...the Newton Laws...The theory of General Relativity...in fact you will have to deny everything that science says.When you talk of development of a country...or when you use computers and other gadgets...or when you talk about nuclear energy...it indicates that no matter what you make yourself think ,scientific theories are true..denying of which indicates your naivety .

a Suggestion
From past few months i have been observing people around me with respect to their health status and general intellectual abilities(i hail from Madhya Pradesh). I have come to a conclusion that people don’t actually know what is good health or i can say they don’t know how to take care of their health.In fact people don’t understand themselves and what they are capable of. In my view the main cause of this is lack of quality education.The most important thing that government can do in its pursuit to rebuild India is that it should make arrangements for good quality education free of cost.Most importantly ,education in Hindi medium is equal to unemployment…that your party has always favoured in Madhya Pradesh. A student of a Hindi medium school is not able to fulfill the requirements of increasingly globalizing Indian economy.So as the planners of our society i look upon the politicians to make necessary amendments in the system of education more frequently to cater the needs of our rapidly developing society.Maintaining a global standard of education is of utmost importance in the current picture.

their are many other things but this is all i can think of right now...

To understand how people think and how i think kindly read something about
Maslow's Hierarchy of needs on wikipedia....and please try to understand the world as it is today...the link is below->
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs....(babri masjid...partition.and other things...past is past it is gone..think of the future)