A Letter to The Director,Doordarshan

I would like to bring your kind attention to the fact that the Doordarshan channel in my view is our strongest tool by means of which we can bring a positive change in our society.We cannot wait for creeping plan of "Education for All" , to set in and show its effect in matter of decades.Being citizens of this country its your and my responsibility to show the people what they have not seen.While surfing through the web i came across some BBC HORIZONS Documentaries and after having seen most of them i am convinced that they have totally changed my way of thinking and my perceptions towards the world.

A big problem with education today is that students today are not motivated enough to continue their education.Their dreams actually have been infected by the quality of mediocrity of our parent generation.Nobody...not even me and you found being educated interesting because of the monotonous nature of our way of imparting education.So inspite of our best efforts of educating people many drop outs are seen from the school when a sense of economic crisis creeps into ones family.Their are no dreams with the students to help them cruise over the crisis.You might be well aware that today media has an important role to play in determining our secondry needs.Our dreams,our needs and all the things we long for are in a way influenced a lot by the media and advertisements we see everyday.So at your position you have all the power to change India,the way it is today.

Following are some of the you tube links from some of BBC HORIZONS documentaries :-

BBC-Horizon-The Six Billion Dollar Experiment


BBC Horizon - Human v2.0


BBC Horizon 2006 - The World's First Face Transplant


BBC Horizon - Einstein's Unfinished Symphony

BBC Horizon - The Presidents Guide to Science


BBC Horizon - My Pet Dinosaur



and many more.... check out this link


Sir if these documentaries translated in Hindi and shown will give our students a supplementary vision,a ladder to climb upon the complexities of science.Please do not be of view that Indian people in villages will not be able to understand these documentaries because they are illiterate.In addition to this please check out the links below to understand how people learn...

How People Learn:

Brain, Mind, Experience, and School

John D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown, and Rodney R. Cocking, Editors; Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning, National Research Council

Kindly Read It : http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=6160#toc

Hoping for a positive change.
Thanking You.
Indian Citizen