Inspite of the evolving infrastructure of medical education in our country ,we have seen no changes in the pattern of the Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examinations which are predominately factual and memory oriented.This fact can be realised by analysing the questions of USMLE(United States Medical Licensing Examination) or the PLAB(Professional And Linguistic Assessment Board,UK) .The nature of questions in these examinations is predominantly based upon clinical scenarios and practical aspects which actually test aptitude of a Doctor for clinical practice including logical reasoning and problem solving attitude .In contrast to this, the current pattern of Indian Medical PG entrance tests which include mostly factual questions fail to test the Reasoning ability and problem solving attitude which is the need of the hour for the Doctors opting for higher studies. Instead of nurturing a good diagnostic ability the doctors are actually overloaded with excess amounts of data.But it should be realised that it is the decision making and heuristic power of human brain which distinguishes it from other forms of artificial intelligence available today.Loads of factual data without proper practical implications are actually fragile and transient .
According to the recommendations of the World bank on the ideal nature of Public Entrance Examinations for Developed and Developing nations which i found out on the worldbank website( ,Characteristics of a Good Examination System are :

  • Exam encourages the development of higher-order thinking skills and does not place emphasis on recall of facts.
  • Exam promotes development of performance skills e.g. listening and speaking (languages), practical skills (sciences), production (music, drama, art)
  • Exam pressure does not exclude the development of non-cognitive skills (e.g. physical, aesthetic appreciation) .

Whereas other streams in Indian system of education have realised these facts where CAT and other Management aptitude tests have been modified in accordance with current scientific guidelines and have been successful in recognizing and harnessing the human resources to an optima.We the young doctors,still wait upon our mentors who either have not realised this fact till now or they are ignorant about the needs of the developing INDIA ,which on its way to become a superpower is lurching due to the delusive state of its policy makers.