The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has approved the proposal for compulsory rural posting for doctors. One year posting in rural and inaccessible areas will now be made part of the curriculum.
Doctors will be get monthly stipend of Rs. 8,000-10,000
Well starting here we all know that the above policy of the Indian government is supposed to improve the health care status in India with more and more doctors reaching more and more peripheral areas of India ,but in depth if we analyze this plan it is actually a very short sighted approach to the Rural Health Care reforms.
The real position today is that doctors like me and my colleagues in this profession who are actually from the above 90 percentile intelligence of the Indian population are in no way short of any IIT why this discrepancy...that too in spite of the fact that what we devote to this profession is not a fraction of our lives but its the whole life including our personal life which is at stack.
My question here is if you wanna send doctors to villages who are going to practice just the primary prevention and cure with limited facilities provided by the government of India ,why teach them genetics, more than 10,000 types of rare syndrome with incidence as rare as 1 in 1 million(To see the patients with these syndromes in one lifetime is next to impossible unless you are in a tertiary level institute)
Why do you teach them minutest details of medical research,when in a village they are just going to prescribe 20 medicine availed by the Indian government to treat all the diseases like a quack.
Is not all this a shear wastage of human resources when these young doctors trained to excel can actually lend a helping hand in development of bright future of medicine in India .
Already the attrition has started..with most of the doctors diverting to other fields(like MBA) or fleeing away to the west for a better life.
Also the number of freshers opting for Pre medical entrance has reduced to where are we heading..Better health for India or something else..?